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Interaction diagrams can link construction management and economic relationships with each other. Changes and their effects can be compared graphically and are thus easier to understand and communicate.

In a few minutes, an interaction diagram is adapted to a new task or trade.

Can be determined:

  • Project and working time
  • Work progress and daily working hours
  • Required workers and pay hours
  • Production quantity e.g.
For use in:
  • project planning
  • calculation and tender
  • work preparation
  • construction
  • target-actual comparisons e.g.

These charts allow easy identification of construction management and or construction-related characteristics for working in the fields of structural work, finishing and technology in a graphical way.

The ordinate and abscissa values as well as the curves and the respective designations can easily be adapted to the necessary requirements by means of the InterAct program. Interaction diagrams can be adapted to new tasks and situations in just a few minutes.

Interaction diagrams plotting simultaneously 8 or 9 different parameters in 4 quadrants for project management, construction management and construction economic. Test InterAct.