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CS go bomb simulator

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CS go bomb simulator was developed as a gimmick for airsoft, paintball or similar games.
The "terrorists" activate the bomb with a max. eight-digit code and a timer (max 23:59:59 h).
The "counterterrorists" have to figure out what the defuse code is and defuse the bomb - of course, this game can be used for anything else, such as: cooking eggs or defusing work meetings.

How to: -----------------------------------------------

  • "Terrorist":
    • Step 1: enter secret code
    • Step 2: enter countdown
    • Step 3: press '#' to activate bomb

  • "Counterterrorist":
    • Step 1: enter code
    • Step 2: press '#'

  • hard reset countdown: press 'C' for 5 sec
  • press '#' to start new game

Best suited for explosive events ;-)!
zarG Byte wishes you a lot of fun while playing.