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"Nobody in this industry knows what they’re doing - we just have a good assumption."
– Cliff Bleszinski

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We Create Awesome Stuff

We are a small group of motivated young researchers who would like to apply their knowledge in areas such as technology, research and games.


The last words of a computer scientist: "I stay here until the problem is solved."


The last voice heard before the world explodes will be the voice of an expert who says: "That's technically impossible!"


Yeah! I played Google Earth! TWICE

How We Work

In the pursuit of our projects we come across new technologies that fascinate us. The interesting thing about it for us is how to use these technologies in combination and this leads us repeatedly through a wide variety of different fields of expertise like art, technology, research, ethics, e.g.. Then comes the point where we almost got it and think about how to make a game out of it.


It is important to us to use the latest techniques and to implement our ideas. The tool is crucial for every craftsman.


Questions seek solutions, and we are open to face new challenges. No task is too small to not be taken care of with full commitment and joy.


It all started with our common passion for games and the desire to create new worlds. This has resulted in some smaller and larger projects, whose implementation has made our team curious and confident.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.

Amir Dini

A Video Game is never finished. Only abandoned.


Johannes Petschnig

When you stop dreaming, you are oversleeping the most beautiful part of your life.


Patrick Wagemann

Only when a mosquito lands on your testicles you will learn to solve problems without violence.


Zar Gorilli

Ape of department ... doing awesome stuff.


1. This is the best idea ever.
2. Ok, this is harder than we thought.
3. This is gonna take some work.
4. This sucks and it‘s boring.
5. Dark night of the soul.
6. It will be good to finish, because ...
... we‘ll learn something for future projects.
7. It‘s done and it was not as bad as we thought.

— Seven phases to success —


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